Monthly Archives: October 2011

Zumba toning!

I went to a Zumba® Toning class yesterday at Z Club Fitness and it was great! It’s a little different from regular Zumba, the moves are less complicated and you repeat the same move more times but it’s still lots of fun with great music and dancing! My legs are a little sore today! We did plenty of squats and ab work. I think I’ll try heavier weights for the arms next time, I work out with dumbells at home so I’m used to a little more weight for that. We had the choice of using the normal Zumba toning sticks or regular 3lb dumbells, that’s good. I stuck with the toning sticks this time, since it was my first class. I’ll definitely be back for more!


I Danced for the Rescues

Last Sunday, I participated in the 2nd Annual Dance for the Rescues in Monterey. We had a great time! And I managed not to get sunburned except for a little patch on the back of each leg, where I forgot to put sunscreen. There were so many awesome instructors and great music provided by DJ Willi, who also led us in some salsa dances.

I got a few pictures (now I have a good shot for my ZIN profile!), you can see them in my photo album.